Friday, June 11, 2010

Natural vegetation in Singapore

Singapore used to be covered with dense lowland tropical rainforests, with mangrove forest along the muddy coasts and tidal creeks. As settlement increased in the 1840's, forest made way for cultivating of crops like nutmeg, garnlier,clove pepper and cocoa. as a result of deforestation, many plant species, including 60 species of mangrove inhabitant orchids disappeared.

At the start of the century, forest reserves were set up. at present National Parks Board(NParks) takes care of about 3000 hectares of natural reserves, the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve, the Central Catchment Natural Reserve, the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and the Laborador Nature Reserve.

Primary Vegetation

The 164 hectare Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and some part or the Central Catchment Nature Reserve have primary forest in Singapore. They account for the last remaining traces of primary rainforest in Singapore. the main vegetation is the tropical hardwoods of the Dipterocarp, which in some cases, grow up to 40 metres.

On the coastal sides, one can find the mangrove forest in places like Kranji, Sungei Loyang and Sungei Tampines near Pasir Ris. The beaches in Singapore have a variety of vegetation ranging from grasses,sedges,creepers and trees. Red seaweeds,green seaweeds and brown seaweeds can also be found along the coastal areas.

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